Inhouse Training and Consultation

Are you looking for the best possible training value?

Would you like to have a great strategic alignment with your organisation?

In-House Training or Customised on the Job Training is the new trending solution as a training paradigm utilised by successful organisations globally.  It allows your teams to learn and sharpen their saw with work-related skills and knowledge that is crucial to the organisation. Your teams appreciate the value of the training when the facilitation is led by their own organisation.


Australian Effect develops customised training materials, case studies and workplace activities that reflect the organisation values and can then be commercialised as a vital component of your franchise. 

On a yearly basis, Australian Effect provides an average of 70 In-House Training and business consultations for multiple corporate and government organisations. With a track record in multiple sectors, we developed our formula to deliver dynamic corporate training built specifically built for your organisation. Usually, we go through four stages with our clients:

  • We get to know you and the scope of the expertise to be shared.
  • We identify where your teams are from the required level of the shared expertise (Training Needs Analysis).
  • We apply and pack customised training built to bring your teams inline with your benchmarks and with the organisation strategy overall.
  • We evaluate the bridged gap and assess the need for further support leaving your teams empowered and confident in their day to day operations.

Advantages of In-House Training with us:

  • Customised to suit your team and the organisation’s needs.
  • Travel and subsidiary cost savings for employees.
  • Enhance information and knowledge sharing across the organisation.
  • Fosters team cohesion and supports enhanced working relationships.
  • Have your own resources to use them on a yearly basis to refresh your team or train a new team member.
  • Flexible and convenient to your team.

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